About Life Insurance In Alberta

Over 2 million Alberta residents have life insurance. It is a valuable form of insurance enabling you to ensure your finances and family are cared for after you are gone. Whether you are young and just finishing school, starting a family, middle age, or are a senior, there is a life insurance product to match your lifestyle.

Below you will receive important information about life insurance in Alberta. Learn about the types available. How to get a quote and compare options. And get answers to common questions Albertans have about life insurance.

How Alberta Life Insurance Works

The process for how life insurance works depends on your plan type. There are many types of life insurance products to consider – each one works a little differently.

For example, no medical life insurance does require you to get a medical exam, while most of the products require it. Some options such as term life are valid for a specific period (5, 10, 20 years). Permanent life plans are valid until you pass away.

It is advisable to compare quotes and speak with an advisor, so you have a clear grasp of the type of plan that makes sense for you. It is also important to know how it works.

Once you select a policy, you will pay premiums in exchange for the coverage. Upon your death, benefits will be paid to your beneficiaries.