Find The Best Consultant Insurance

Any person who offers advice or consultation services should have consultant insurance. Whether you are an IT consultant, independent or freelance, you could have legal challenges. You could face accusations of negligence or be found liable for damages. When this happens, a standard business policy may not be enough. Protect yourself with consultant insurance.

At ThinkInsure, we offer insurance for consultants in all industries. Our advisors will compare quotes from the top insurers in Canada to get you the best rate and policy.

What Is Consultant Insurance?

Consultants insurance is specifically for professionals offering consulting services. Insurance for consultants protects you against the risks of providing advice.

Mistakes happen. Consultants make errors in judgement from time to time. Most are minor but others can cause a loss or damage to a client. Get a plan that protects you against claims of mistakes, negligence, third party damages, and more.

What Does Consultants Insurance Cover?

There are a variety of inherent threats to being a consultant. Defamation, slander, mistakes, administrative and paperwork issues, damaging advice, and negligence are the most common.

Consultants may require several different types of protection. Specific requirements depend on your business type and operations. The type of services you offer and how you offer them to your customers. Some of the most common include :