Group Insurance

Group Insurance

Stay competitive in today’s business world by creating customized group insurance plans for your employees or members.

Group insurance plans offer savings because of group purchasing power. So you and your employees or members get better discounts and more savings.

  • Expert Advice : A ThinkInsure group expert will assess your needs and together you’ll design a plan that is right for your company or association.
  • Savings : We’ll shop, compare from one of our partners to get you a good rate.
  • Flexible Plans : No matter your size or type of business, we can create flexible a plan tailored for your needs.
  • Promotional Support For Your Plan : ThinkInsure will help you educate employees and promote your plan within your company or organization.
  • Superior Customer Service : Each ThinkInsure customer gets a dedicated team for service to help with claims, plan administration, questions or any other insurance needs.

Stand Out From Your Competitors With Your Group Insurance Plans

These days, prospective employees want a comprehensive salary and compensation package that includes wages, insurance and benefits. Group plans that are forward thinking and attractive to your employees will help your business :

  • Remain Competitive In The Job Market : Top prospective candidates expect a group benefit plan and sometimes prefer it to a higher salary. Offering a group plan could be the difference maker when trying to hire the best talent available in your industry.
  • Attract & Retain High-performing Candidates : Your job benefits offering can be the difference between a candidate accepting your job offer or not. It could also play a role in keeping employees long term.
  • Improve Your Employees’ Productivity : A survey by the APA confirms that “feeling valued in your workplace is key indicator of job performance”. Offering group benefits and promoting health and work-life balance helps to create a happy and productive work environment.
  • Enjoy Tax Efficiencies : As an employer you can save on payroll taxes when you offer group benefits with a lower salary.
  • Retain Healthier Employees : Employees are more likely to get treatments for health issues not covered by OHIP. This can benefit your company by lowering absenteeism and sick days.

What You Are Giving Your Employees With Group Insurance

Your employees will enjoy improved quality of life with group insurance and benefits plans. A robust plan reduces worry and anxiety and helps them to focus on their work, knowing that they and their family have access to high quality health care.

When your employees opt-in to a group plan they can access :

  • Increased Savings : Enjoy savings with the purchasing power of a group.
  • Extended Benefits : Get extended coverage for dental, health, vision, pharmacy and more.
  • Unbiased Advice : Sometimes it’s hard to understand all the choices available. Your employees can get advice from a ThinkInsure advisor and choose a customized group plan that is ideal for them and their family.
  • Convenient Payment Options : Employees can select from a number of payment options, offering them financial flexibility.
  • Service & Claims Support : Employees will have access to fast, courteous support when and where they need it for claims, questions and much more.

How Group Insurance Works

We make choosing a group insurance plan for your company as simple as possible :

  • We can create customized plans that are tailored specifically for your business needs. We also have standard plans for you to choose from.
  • We work with you to create & design the plan based on company needs and budget – providing you with maximum flexibility.
  • We explain all the different types of coverage and costs to ensure you are 100% clear on the group insurance package you are choosing. Options can depend on the type of company you operate (office, manufacturing, small business).
  • There can be different groups within the plan (management, workforce). Prices vary based on a group’s needs, associated risk, and other factors.
  • We get the plan finalized, and we shop it with our partners.

Type Of Group Insurance Plans

ThinkInsure offers a wide variety of group plans :

  • Group Home & Auto
  • Group Health & Dental
  • Group Life
  • Group Disability

We will work with you to design a plan that will meet your organization and employee needs.

Get A Tailored Group Plan Today

Group plans are significant financial commitments you make to your organization, your employees and management team. There are many factors you need to take into account – your goals, your company size, your industry and your employee’s needs.