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About Tour+Med Travel Insurance Company

Tour+Med has provided affordable travel coverage to Canadians of all ages since 1996. The company prides itself in offering travel and emergency assistance coverage and are dedicated to providing strong, reliable, and affordable travel protection. A strong presence in the insurance industry, the company provides travellers with a variety of packages and is the supplier of insurance for many other providers in the industry.

Why Get Coverage With Tour+Med?

Here are some reasons to choose Tour+Med :

  • 1. Competitive premiums: The company offers competitive rates to Canadian travellers, especially for snowbirds.
  • 2. Solutions for all travellers : The company is one of the only to consider insurance applications that are declined or difficult to approve by other providers. If you have a pre-existing condition or questionable health status, get a quote from Tour+Med.
  • 3. Large selection in coverage options : The company offers a large variety of products – medical and non-medical coverage.
  • 4. Dependable emergency assistance : Tour+Med has a privately owned assistance department, providing customers with 24-hour service.
  • 5. Complimentary benefits : As part of their travel packages, Tour+Med offers many benefits to you at no additional cost.

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