Group Insurance Group Home & Auto Insurance Plans

Create A Plan For Your Ontario Company Or Organization

Offer more incentives to work for your organization by creating a customized Group Home and Auto Insurance Plan for your employees or members.

Group Home & Auto Insurance Plans offer significant savings versus traditional home and auto insurance coverage because of group purchasing power. Get better discounts and save more!

  • Expert Advice : We help you craft insurance offerings that your employees will want, enjoy and appreciate.
  • Group Discount Rates : Let us do the insurance shopping so your members can take advantage of lower home and auto insurance rates.
  • Flexible Plans : Flexible home and auto insurance coverage to meet the specific needs of your organization.
  • Promotional Support For Your Plan : ThinkInsure will help you educate employees about the value of group home and auto insurance coverage.
  • Insurance Expertise & Customer Service : Your dedicated ThinkInsure group insurance expert will provide insurance advice, help members save, manage claims, answer questions and handle other insurance needs.

Why Consider Home And Auto Group Insurance For Your Company

Shopping for home and auto insurance can be confusing today. With hundreds of brokers offering insurance coverage, it can be difficult for your employees to know the amount of coverage they need and how to get the best home and auto insurance rates. Shopping for the lowest insurance rates is time consuming.

Rather than going from company to company in search of the perfect home and auto insurance bundle, ThinkInsure can simplify the insurance shopping process for your employees and make your company a more attractive organization to work for – through group home and auto insurance coverage.

We understand that saving money on insurance rates and getting the best value for your hard earned money is a priority for your employees. Why not offer home and auto insurance coverage at affordable rates to them through their employee benefits plan?

Whether you are a company, union, professional association or employee group, you can qualify to purchase group insurance for your organization through ThinkInsure.

  • Flexible and customizable home and auto insurance plans
  • You can offer exclusive discounted insurance rates
  • Exceptional service and preferred group rates on your home and auto insurance
  • Provide a more robust benefits package to your employees
  • Provide your employees with access to a trusted source for all their home and auto insurance needs
  • Access to a licensed insurance professional who provides insurance counselling and advice
  • No interest or service charges on payment plans
  • Access to tools and resources to promote group auto and home insurance plans to your employees

How Your Employees Benefit From Group Home And Car Insurance

Here are some of the many ways your employees or group members will benefit from using group insurance for their home and car insurance coverage:

  • The same great coverage options : Employees will have access to the same high quality home and car insurance options that they would receive through individual insurance plans.
  • Take advantage of group insurance rate savings : Employees will have exclusive access to even lower home and car insurance rates. There is strength in numbers, and group insurance provides them with the best possible rates in the market.
  • Potential extra savings : Members will have access to extra insurance opportunities by maintaining a claims-free status or by bundling multiple policies.
  • Simplified shopping for home and auto insurance :Members will have a single contact for all their insurance needs for insurance quotes, filing claims, making adjustments to their policy and for insurance related questions.
  • Convenient payment plans: Employees have access to multiple payment options including annually, installments, or monthly pre-authorized withdrawals and paycheck deductions.

Group Auto Insurance

Provide your employees with a group discount on their car insurance coverage. Group auto insurance is the same as traditional auto insurance coverage you get from your insurance company, just at a better rate. We know your employees will appreciate the car insurance savings and discounts.

They can get coverage for their personal vehicles, trucks, SUVs, campers, trailers, motorcycles, ATVs and other recreational vehicles. Plus, they can get coverage for family members, occasional drivers, and even the teen drivers in their family.

Your employees could save even more money on their auto insurance if they have a clean driving record, are claims free, have an anti-theft device in the vehicle, and bundle their home and car insurance together.

Group Home Insurance

Your home is one of the biggest financial commitments you will make in your lifetime. Why not help your employees protect this investment with group home insurance? Members will receive the same coverage options that they receive from traditional home insurance providers but at a discounted group rate. Who doesn’t want to save money on their home insurance, right?

Under a group home insurance policy, your employees will have access to coverage for their home, condo, rental property, cottage, second home, and tenant insurance if they are renters.

Members will also have exclusive access to even more cost savings if they are claims free, mortgage free, have a home security system installed, are a mature homeowner, or if they have bundled other insurance policies with their home insurance coverage.

Coverage Options For Group Home And Auto Plans

Every organization has unique group insurance requirement. At ThinkInsure, we ensure your specific needs are met by offering flexible plans and coverage options.

Our home and auto products are the same as regular insurance products but discounted based on group size – allowing you to offer attractive group insurance coverage to your employees.

To get started, simply complete your group profile, tell us about the type of home and auto insurance coverage you want to provide as part of your employee benefits package. We will help you administer the program by providing home and auto insurance information sheets and promotional offers to your employees. We'll help conduct educational seminars to provide your members with more information about the advantage of group home and auto insurance coverage.