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Oct 24, 2018

Learn All About Alberta's Class 7 Learners Drivers License

Alberta Class 7 License

The class 7 license in Alberta is the first of a number of steps to get your full Alberta drivers license. All drivers in Alberta start with a class 7 drivers license before moving up to a class 5 drivers license.

If you are planning on getting your class 7 license or if you are a class 7 licensed driver, this blog post outlines all the information you need about the class 7 driving test, how to get your license, driving restrictions, and common questions about the class 7 drivers license in Alberta.

What Is The Alberta Class 7 Drivers License?

The Alberta class 7 driver’s license is a learner’s license that allows you to operate class 5 vehicles such as cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and other regular vehicles under the supervision of a fully licensed driver. You can operate a moped by yourself.

What Are The Class 7 License Entry Requirements?

To get a class 7 leaners license you must get you parents’ consent (if you are under 18), pass a vision, and knowledge test. Driver education is voluntary but highly recommended.

Must Know Information About The Class 7 Driver’s License In Alberta

Class 7 Drivers License Alberta

As a class 7 driver, you must be familiar with the following class 7 rules, regulations, and restrictions :

What Is The Minimum Age To Get A Class 7 License?

In Alberta, you can get the class 7 learners license when you are 14 years of age. The youngest you can upgrade to a class 5 GDL license is 16.

How Long Do You Have To Drive With An Alberta Class 7 License?

You must hold the class 7 license for a minimum of 12 months. You can renew the class 7 license as many times as you want. It is recommended that you log at least 60 of driving before taking the basic road test.

Who Can Be A Supervisory Driver?

All supervisory drivers much be at least 18 and have a full class 5 non probationary license. They must be seated in passenger seat of the vehicle at all times.

Alberta Class 7 Restrictions

Alberta Class 7 Restrictions

As a new driver, you are subject to a series of driving restrictions :

  • Impaired : 0.0 BAC while driving. No drugs in your system.
  • Night driving : No driving is permitted between midnight and 5am.
  • Passengers : No more passengers than seatbelts in the vehicle.
  • Driver : You cannot act as an accompanying driver.
  • License : You are not permitted to upgrade to a commercial license.
  • Demerits : You driver’s license will be suspended if you accumulate 8 demerit points (not the normal 15).

Fines And Suspensions If You Violate The Class 7 Driver’s License Restrictions

Violating the above driving restrictions will result in fines, suspensions, and demerit points in Alberta :

  • Violate BAC/ impaired restriction : Immediate 30 day suspension and 7 day vehicle seizure.
  • Violate night driving restriction : 2 demerit points and a fine up to $115.
  • Violate passenger restriction : 2 demerit points and a $115 fine.
  • Violate supervisory driver restriction : 2 demerit points and a fine up to $230.

If you accumulate a number of demerit points you can take a defensive driving course to get 3 demerit point reduction.

How To Get A Class 7 Learners License – Pass The Alberta Driving Test Class 7

Alberta Class 7 Practice Test

The class 7 Alberta test to get your learners license is the first step of the graduated drivers license program (GDL). Here are the steps involved with getting your class 7 license :

Get The Alberta Class 7 Book To Learn The Rules Of The Road

The first step toward getting your class 7 license is to get a copy of the Alberta Drivers Handbook. All questions in your knowledge test are taken directly from the class 7 handbook so make sure you read it a few times. You can download a copy of the Alberta class 7 drivers handbook on the Alberta Transportation website.

Take The Alberta Class 7 Practice Test

Before taking the knowledge test, it’s a good idea to take a practice test or two to test your knowledge. There are a number of free online Alberta class 7 practice tests you can take. Try a few to test your preparedness.

Once you think you are ready, take the Alberta class 7 knowledge test.

The Alberta Knowledge Test Class 7

The class 7 knowledge test is designed to test basic knowledge of road rules, traffic signs, and safe driving. Here is what you need to know about taking the test :

To write the test you will need to show proof of citizenship, proof of residency in Alberta, and pass a vision test.

  • The test is multiple choice format.
  • There will be 30 questions. You need to get 25 correct answers to pass the test.
  • The test will be completed on a computer.
  • You are expected to complete the test within 60 minutes.
  • You can take the knowledge test at most Alberta Registry Agent offices.
  • You can take the test once per day.
  • No appointment is required.

When you pass the test you will be issued a Class 7 Learners License. The cost for a 5 year term is $84.45.

How Much Does The Class 7 Knowledge Test Cost?

You are required to pay a fee of $17.60 to take the knowledge test. You will have to pay an additional fee for your class 7 learner’s license.

Moving From Class 7 To Class 5 In Alberta

Alberta Class 7 Road Test

In order to take the next step in the GDL license system in Alberta, you must :

  • Spend one year as a class 7 driver (two years if you got our class 7 when you were 14).
  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • Pass a vision test.
  • Show proof of residency in Alberta.
  • Pass the basic road test.

Class 7 Alberta Drivers License and Car Insurance

Looking for Alberta car insurance as a newly licensed driver? Newly licensed drivers are considered higher risk than experienced drivers. Most class 7 drivers will have difficulty finding an insurance company willing to provide them with car insurance coverage. If they do, expect your rates to be higher than the average car insurance rates in your area.

As a class 7 driver, your best car insurance option is to be added as an occasional driver on your parents or other driver’s insurance policy.

Completion of the government approved defensive driving course will qualify you for a discount on your car insurance premiums.

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