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Jun 1, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About The G Driving Test

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The G licence is the final step in the Ontario graduated licencing process. Becoming a fully licenced driver removes most driving restrictions. It allows you to drive on all roads at all times. But first, you need to pass the G road exam in Ontario.

This blog talks about everything you need to know about the G road test in Ontario. You’ll learn tips on how to pass, how to book your assessment, requirements, costs and more.

What is the G driving test?

The G driving exam is the final road exam to become a fully licensed driver in Ontario. It’s the last step in the process to get your full driver's licence. The assessment covers everything from the G2 assessment and more advanced driving skills, including highway driving, parallel parking, lane changes, and more.

Ontario announces temporary changes to G test province wide

As the province tries to handle the backlog of hundreds of thousands of appointments for in-person driving tests, they have decided to make some changes to allow for more testing throughout the day. G road tests will see the temporary removal of some elements that are also assessed in the G2 test. These changes can reduce testing time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.

The temporary changes include removing three-point turns, parallel parking and emergency roadside stops.

What is the difference between G2 and G?

The G2 is a novice driver’s licence and has a number of driving restrictions. It is the licencing step before the G licence. The G licence is the full driver’s licence in Ontario.

Once you have your G licence, there are no additional road tests. The G test is more thorough and covers all aspects of driving, so you’ll be confident when you hit the road.

What to expect for the G road test

G licence assessment is a thorough exam to assess your driving techniques on the road. You need to have the skills to drive in all locations, times, situations and weather conditions. Here is what you can expect from the G licence driving exam :

  • Skills : The exam covers advanced driving skills such as highway driving and parallel parking.
  • Duration : It will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Time may vary.
  • Declaration : You need to declare your highway driving experience prior to the road test. You should have driven at least 5 times on the highway within the past 3 months. You must have the required amount of experience or your appointment could be cancelled.
  • Result : Once you pass, you get a full G licence in Ontario.

What do I need to know to pass the G test in Ontario?

The G road test comprises basic city driving skills and more advanced skills. A primary component of the assessment is highway driving.

The G road test checklist

These are the areas you need to practice before taking your driving test :

  • Starting and stopping.
  • Turning and changing directions.
  • Traffic signs and lights.
  • Passing vehicles, proper lane use, and driving in passing lanes.
  • Travelling through controlled and uncontrolled intersections.
  • Parking, reversing, and three-point turns.
  • Proper observation, foreseeing hazardous conditions, and blind spot checks.
  • Road side stop.
  • Parallel parking.
  • Highway driving – entering, exiting, lane changes, maintaining proper speed.

If you want to take your preparation to the next level, you can take a preparation course. These driving in-person driving sessions are an opportunity to train with an instructor. They cost between $500 and $800.

Book G test in Ontario

Once you have had your G2 for a minimum of 12 months, it’s time to book your G driving test.

The G licence booking process is similar to the other assessments. To book the G road test, you will need to provide information about when and where you want to take it.

How to book G licence test

You can book your G road test appointment :

  1. Through the DriveTest website
  2. By phone at 647-776-0331 or 1-888-570-6110
  3. In person at any DriveTest Centre

It would be best to give 48 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee to cancel or reschedule.

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What do you need to book your G licence test?

The class G road test is the second of two road tests you will need to pass. You can book it once you have been a G2 driver for 12 months. Booking the G assessment is the same process as booking your G2. You will need :

  • Driver’s licence number
  • A preferred location
  • Know the time and date you want to book

When is the best time to book G test?

If you’re tempted to book in the morning or evening, you may have to face rush hour traffic. Aim to book in between 10:00 am or 2:30 pm. Depending on the area you live, Saturdays may also have a traffic congestion.

No matter what time and location you book, you are expected to drive in all conditions.

Best locations to book G test

Some locations have higher failure rates compared to others. Brampton, Window, Oakville, Etobicoke, and Downsview are some of the top offenders. If you have practiced and are looking for a location outside the GTA, popular ones include Barrie, London, Orangeville, Hamilton, and Guelph.

What are the G road test requirements?

There are a few G road exam requirements you have to meet :

  • You can take the G road test after you’ve had a G2 licence for 12 months
  • Complete and sign a “Declaration of Highway Driving Experience” form
  • Bring your G2 driver’s licence

How to pass the Ontario G road test

Being prepared is the biggest success factor. Most drivers fail because they don’t put enough time behind the wheel before taking the G driving assessment. Follow these tips :

  • Book a session with a driving instructor : It’s always a good idea to brush up on your driving skills. Book a session or two with your driving instructor. You can review the test and make sure you have the skills to pass.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in working order : Check all brake lights, turn signals and ensure you have a full tank of gas. Make sure everything is in working order.
  • Make sure you have appropriate highway driving experience : Highway driving makes up a large portion of the driving exam. Make sure you spend enough time driving on the highway. Understand all highway traffic signs and laws before taking it.
  • Review the driver’s handbook : Brush up on your driving knowledge before your test. Review road signs and rules of the road.
  • Turn off your phone : Turn off your phone before you get into the vehicle for the driving test. Eliminate all distractions.

How much does the G test cost?

The cost to take the Class G road test is $91.25 with tax included. This price is effective as of July 12, 2019. You will need to pay additional fees to take a retest.

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What happens if I fail my G licence road test?

Failing the G licence road test is common. It’s estimated that at least one-third of drivers fail on their first attempt. The good news is you can take as many road tests as you need to pass.

Your driver’s licence must be valid, and you must wait ten days between each attempt. You will have to pay the fee each time you re-take it.

I failed my G test, and my licence expired - now what?

If you fail your G road test and allow your driver’s licence to expire, you will need to restart. You’ll need to start the graduated licensing process over. This means retaking the knowledge exam and starting with a G1 licence.

What happens after you pass your G road test?

After the test, you get a brief summary of your driving skills by the examiner. A paper copy of your score sheet is available upon request. You will receive a temporary Ontario driver’s licence. This is valid for 90 days or until you receive your new G driver’s licence in the mail.

This also means it is time to get your car insurance in Ontario set up.

G Road Test FAQs

You must have your G2 licence for 12 months. After this, you can take the G road exam any time. However, you have to take the assessment before it expires.

There is no limit to how many times you can take the test. If you fail, you will have to wait 10 days to retest. However, the time between each attempt may be longer due to appointment availability.

The same fee applies for first and all subsequent attempts. The fee is $91.25.

No. You must supply the vehicle for your road test. You can borrow or rent a vehicle if you do not have one, or you can also request to use your driving instructor’s vehicle for the assessment.

Yes. You will be need to show the ability to parallel park your vehicle.

Since the pandemic began in 2020, it has caused various delays for novice drivers. To limit the spread of the disease, many appointments have been cancelled. Although you can now book in-person driving tests, there is an extensive backlog. This does not affect the fees or your G2. Your current licence is still valid until further notice, and any fees you have paid are still in your account.