Blog How Does A Speeding Ticket In Alberta Impact Your Insurance?

Mar 9, 2021

Female police officer writing a Speeding Ticket Fine In Alberta

Concerned about the impact of a speeding ticket in Alberta on your insurance? You should be. Most drivers are guilty of speeding from time to time. Maybe you’re in a hurry or late for work.

But is saving a couple of minutes on your drive worth getting a speeding ticket?

While some may think a speeding ticket is no big deal, it could result in hefty fines, demerit points, and even an increase in your Alberta car insurance.

About Alberta Speeding Fines And Demerits

Did you know that you could get a speeding ticket even if you are only going one km/hr over the posted speed limit?

Alberta is one of a handful of provinces in Canada that increases speeding fines for each km/hr that you are over the speed limit. Many people assume that speeding tickets are rarely given out unless you are going at least 10 or more km/hr over the limit on city streets, and 20 km/hr over on the highway.

This isn’t the case. According to the Globe and Mail,

“Between April, 2016, and March, 2017, there were 106,088 convictions in Alberta for going 1-15 km/h over the speed limit, the province said. That’s out of a total of 296,640 convictions.” Fines double if you are caught speeding in school zones and construction zones.