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Mar 2, 2020

Ontario G1 Driving Test Requirements, Costs, Questions And FAQs

G1 Test Ontario

Are you ready to get your G1? Do you have a child that is about to turn 16 and get their licence? The first step is preparing for and passing the G1 test.

This blog will outline everything you need to know about writing and preparing for the G1 licence test in Ontario. You’ll learn about the G1 knowledge test, requirements, costs, and get answers to commonly asked questions about the G1 licence.

What Is The G1 Test?

To get your G1 licence you will have to pass the G1 test. The G1 test in Ontario is a written knowledge based test. It is the first of three tests you’ll need to pass to get complete the graduated licencing system. It is the only written test you will need to pass. The remaining two tests are in vehicle road tests.

G1 Test Requirements

There are 3 G1 test requirements you must meet to get your G1 driver’s licence. You must :

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Pass an eye test.
  • Pass a written test about the Ontario rules of the road and traffic signs.

Once you meet these G1 requirements, you will receive your G1 licence. You are a beginner driver and are subject to a number of driving restrictions.

G1 Test Questions

G1 Practice Test

The G1 driving test comprises of 40 multiple choice questions. The G1 licence test has two sections :

  • Rules of the road (20 questions)
  • Road signs (20 questions)

You must correctly answer at least 16 questions in each section to pass the written knowledge test. You must earn at total score of at least 80%.

The questions and answers are from the Ontario Driver’s Handbook. All the information you need to pass the test is found in this book.

More About The G1 Written Test

  • Ministry of Transportation (MTO) writes the test.
  • There is no time limit.
  • You can take the test on paper or computer (at some locations).
  • The test is available in English, French, and 24 total languages.
  • Your test is graded immediately.
  • The test is available at all DriveTest locations.

How Many Questions Are On The G1 Test?

There are 40 multiple choice questions on the G1 test. Half are on rules of the road, the other half are about traffic and road signs.

G1 Practice Tests

G1 Written Test

How Do You Prepare For The G1 Driving Test?

All questions on the G1 test are from the information in the official driver’s handbook. Familiarize yourself with the information in the handbook. Read it thoroughly until you are confident you have a strong grasp on the concepts, rules, and signs.

G1 practice tests are an effective way to test your knowledge before taking the test. You can take free Ontario G1 practice tests online. They are available on a number of websites.

G1 Test Locations And Where To Take G1 Licence Test

How Do You Book The G1 Test?

The G1 test centre to visit depends on where you live. You can take your written G1 test at your local DriveTest Centre. You do not need an appointment to write your test. But, you should arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to write the exam.

You may need to wait in line to take the test. You will also need to complete an eye exam, show proof of identification, and pay G1 test fees.

Where Can I Get The G1 Handbook?

You can get the G1 test book from a number of locations :

The official MTO Driver’s Handbook costs $16.

How Much Does A G1 Test Cost?

The G1 test costs $159.75. The G1 test price is built into the Class G1 licence package. The fee covers your written test and your in-car driving test to get your G2 drivers licence.

What If I Fail My G1 Written Test?

It’s common for new drivers to fail their first attempt at the G1 written test. But, don’t worry. If you fail the G1 knowledge test, you can retake it. The retake G1 licence cost is $16.00.

Your test results are valid for one year. It’s advantageous to retake the test within this timeframe. You will only need to rewrite the sections you did not pass. If you wait more than one year, you will have re write the entire test. A G1 licence is valid for 1 year.

Tips To Pass The G1 Knowledge Test

Use these tips to ensure you prepare effectively for your upcoming test :

  • Study and study some more : Give yourself ample time to study and absorb the content in the handbook.
  • Take practice tests : Practice makes perfect, right? Take a variety of practice tests to answer as many question types as possible.
  • Make sure you are ready : Wait to take the test until you are confident and ready. There is no rush to take the test.
  • Rest up : Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before the test.
  • Don’t rush : Give yourself enough time to complete the test. It will take about 30 minutes per section to complete.
  • Read the questions carefully : Read each question carefully. If you are not sure about an answer, move on to the next questions and come back. Check your answers before you turn in the test to be graded.
  • Remember – it’s not make or break : You can take the test again. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Ontario G1 Licence Test FAQs

Still have questions about the G1 licence test? Check out the answers to these commonly asked questions :

The G1 test can be hard or it can be easy. It depends how much time and effort you put into preparing. If you read through the MTO handbook and have a good understanding of the content, you’ll do well.

To write the G1 test you will need to bring :

  • Proof of identification: Birth certificate, passport, proof of citizenship. All documents need to be the originals, not copies.
  • Test fee payment: You can pay by debit or credit card.

You can write your G1 knowledge test at any DriveTest location in Ontario during normal business hours.

No. You do not need to pass a road test to get your G1 drivers licence.

You cannot renew a G1 licence. If it expires, you will need to reapply. This means you will have to retake the vision and knowledge test to get your G1 licence.

The best way to study for your G1 is to read the drivers handbook. Once you have a good grasp of the road rules and traffic signs, take a few sample online practice tests to test your knowledge.

This is not the G1 written test. This is the test you take to get your G2 drivers licence. It is a road test. You take this test once you’ve had your G1 for 1 year (8 months if you complete driver training).

Visit the DriveTest website to find a location closest to you. You can also Google DriveTest to find the nearest office.

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