Blog Does Getting A Parking Ticket Increase Your Insurance?

Feb 8, 2021

parking ticket on window

Parking tickets are common and so are the questions . But this doesn’t mean drivers like getting them. No one wants to see a parking ticket flapping in the wind under windshield wiper as they approach their vehicle.

Whether your time expired on the meter, you parked in a no parking zone, or received a ticket for other reasons, one of the first thing you think about is how much the ticket will cost? Many people also wonder how it will affect their car insurance, licensing, and driving record.

Here we will answer the all import question about if parking tickets affect your insurance rates. We’ll also answer other common questions about parking tickets.

What Is The Impact Of A Parking Ticket On Your Auto Insurance?

Parking tickets do not have any impact your policy. Your rates will not increase no matter how many parking tickets you receive. They are not considered a moving violation and are not the same as other traffic tickets.