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Feb 13, 2024

Ontario eliminating manual licence plate renewals in 2024

graphic of a licence plate and sticker close up

Whether you drive a commercial vehicle, a motorcycle, or an automobile, renewing your plate is essential to driving legally in Ontario. Even though the province has removed physical licence plate stickers and the associated fees, you still need to renew your plate every two years, free of charge. Until now.

Without the need to pay the licencing fees and add the new sticker to their plate, drivers forget to renew their plates. Many others are unaware they need to do it. Currently, more than one million drivers in Ontario risk incurring fines worth up to $1,000 due to their expired license plates.

But this too, is also about the change. As of February 2024, the Ford government is set to introduce automatic renewals for licence plates in Ontario.

Understanding how to renew your licence plate is important because it is part of car ownership. We simplified what you need to do when renewing your licence plate and what to do if it's expired.