Save with Ontario's best renters insurance rates

We help tenants in Ontario find the best renters insurance rates and coverage. You need a good tenant insurance policy to protect your personal belongings and yourself from liability. Whether you rent a house, apartment, townhouse or even a room in Ontario make sure you've got the renters insurance you need at a great rate.

There are more than 1.5 million rental units in the province. However, less than half of these occupants have renters insurance. Without a tenants package, you are unprotected and risk a significant financial loss. Your landlord’s plan will not cover you. Fortunately, renters insurance in Ontario is more affordable than most realize. You can get full coverage for around twenty dollars per month.

With ThinkInsure you can compare the cheapest renters insurance quotes in Ontario from the top providers in just a couple of minutes. Finding the lowest rate for renters insurance is quick, easy and free! Get started by comparing quotes online or give us a call to get a quote.

Keep reading to learn all about tenant insurance in Ontario, what is and is not covered, what affects rates, and how renters can get the lowest premium.