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Apr 25, 2022

The most reliable cars in Canada for 2022

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Reliability is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a car. Buying a car is a big investment and you want to be happy with your decision years into the future. Most drivers keep their vehicle for over five to six years before trading them in.

Everyone wants to get a good deal, but you also want value. Having a reliable car will help lower your car insurance quotes, but the most important aspect is driving a vehicle you can trust for years to come.

Whether you are looking to buy a new or used car, you want the cheapest most reliable car. Here we’ll outline lists of the most reliable car brands and vehicle types.

Top vehicle reliability factors

There are features that make a vehicle is reliable or not. These factors can help consumers make better decisions on their car buying journey. J.D Power reports that vehicle dependability is at an all-time high and all problem categories have improved (exterior, driving experience and communication).

Here’s a list of some of the factors that determine the most reliable cars, or the Reliably Index, according to mechanics and auto professionals :

  • Safety rating
  • 5-star rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Meet or exceed Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (MVSR) standards
  • Vehicle resale and trade-in value
  • Recall history
  • Vehicle safety features
  • Brand, make, model reputation
  • The average lifespan of a vehicle model
  • Average repair costs

You as a driver also play a role in the longevity and dependability of a vehicle. The amount of KMs you drive, climate, and driving habits all play a role that no manufacturer can predict or build around.

What are the most reliable car brands?

Knowing the most reliable car manufacturers can quickly help you narrow your search for a vehicle. Here is a top 10 most reliable car brands list from Consumer Reports :

  1. Mazda
  2. Toyota
  3. Lexus
  4. Buick
  5. Honda
  6. Subaru
  7. Kia
  8. Infiniti
  9. Audi
  10. BMW
  11. Hyundai

What is the most reliable car?

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What car is the most reliable of them all? Using Consumer Reports reliability scores as well as their own assessments, lists the Toyota Prius the most reliable car overall for 2021. Since it’s a hybrid, it’s very economical on gas, there are minimal repairs and maintenance, and it has a reasonable price. Other cars that made the list are the Hyundai Elantra, Lexus GS & NX, Honda Civic, and Toyota 4Runner.

What are the most reliable used cars?

Reliability is even more important when buying a used car. It’s important to not only consider the vehicle, but who is selling it. You need to do your homework, have the vehicle checked by a mechanic and research the vehicle history report to ensure it’s a reliable and economical used car. Here’s a list of some of the most reliable used cars to consider :

  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Accord
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Camry
  • Mazda 6
  • Lexus ES
  • Acura TSX
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Nissan Rogue

Keep in mind that even if you find a used model from the list above, you still need to be diligent in your vehicle selection. Assess the reliability of a used car on a case by case basis.

What are the most reliable luxury cars?

Dreaming of that luxury car without the yearly maintenance bills of thousands of dollars? If you are searching for a vehicle that combines luxury and reliability, you’ll want to check out this list of the 10 most reliable luxury cars in 2022.

  1. Genesis G70
  2. Lexus IS
  3. Audi A5
  4. Acura TLX
  5. Lexus ES
  6. Chrysler 300
  7. Lexus GS 350
  8. Kia 900
  9. Tesla Model S
  10. Porsche Panamera


What are the most reliable sports cars?

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Sports cars are not exactly known for or purchased for their reliability. People drive these cars for their speed, look, and design. Regardless, some models are more reliable than others. Here are some of the most reliable sports cars :

  1. Mazda MX-5
  2. Audi TT Coupe
  3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe
  4. BMW 2 Series
  5. BMW M4
  6. BMW 4 Series
  7. Ford Mustang
  8. Mazda Miata
  9. Porsche Cayman
  10. Honda S2000


What are the most reliable small cars?

Are you looking for a smaller vehicle? This lists provides a look at some of the most reliable small cars to consider :

  1. Ford C-Max
  2. Buick Verano
  3. Kia Forte
  4. Honda Civic
  5. Hyundai Elantra GT
  6. Kia Forte5
  7. Acura ILX
  8. Hyundai Elantra Coupe
  9. Toyota Corolla
  10. Lexus CT200h


What are the most reliable SUVs?

Many drivers seek the best SUV in Canada, and one of the many factors includes reliability. Their popularity has risen because they are more spacious, comfortable, and trustworthy for city and country drivers. Here are some of the most reliable midsize SUVs available.

  1. Lexus RX 350
  2. Chevrolet Trax
  3. Toyota Venza
  4. Toyota RAV4
  5. Mazda CX-5
  6. Kia Soul
  7. Mercedes-Benz GLA 250
  8. Infiniti QX50
  9. Fiat 500X
  10. Subaru Crosstrek
  11. Cadillac XT5
  12. Lincoln MKC
  13. Lexus NX 200t
  14. Mazda CX-3
  15. Honda HR-V


What are the most reliable pickup trucks?

Pickups are at the top of the list of the best selling dependable vehicles for 2022. If your lifestyle involved camping, farms, the country or trips to the hardware store, trucks are a top choice. Keep in mind each truck has it’s own benefits, so do your research thoroughly.

If you want a vehicle made for work and play, check this list of the most trustworthy pickups in Canada :

  1. Toyota Tundra
  2. Ram 1500
  3. Nissan Titan
  4. Honda Ridgeline
  5. Chevrolet Colorado
  6. Ford Ranger
  7. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LD
  8. Nissan Frontier
  9. GMC Canyon
  10. Toyota Tacoma


What are the most reliable cars of all time?

Subaru Forester driving through lush forest

What vehicles stand the test of time? Carpages lists what they deem as the most reliable vehicles of all time. They examined common problems, interior and exterior features, and the overall driving experience.

Here are the top 15 most dependable cars of all time :

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Honda Accord
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Honda CR-V
  5. Toyota Corolla
  6. Mazda MX-5
  7. Mazda 3
  8. Lexus LS 400
  9. Lexus RX 350
  10. Acura TSX
  11. Ford Escort
  12. Subaru Outback
  13. Audi A4
  14. Volvo 850
  15. Hyundai Elantra


10 Least reliable car brands and models 2022

Some of the options are quite surprising while others have made headlines for their problems. Even when you are searching for a new ride, you want a hassle-free investment, but issues happen and some cars are less reliable than others. From squeaky brakes and out of warranty transmission repairs, these problems contribute to a low reliability score.

Buyer be warned - Consumer Reports put together this list of the least reliable car brands from best to worst.

  • Subaru Ascent
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Volvo XC90
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Explorer
  • Mercedes-Bens GLE


Most Reliable Car FAQs

Check out these additional questions about the most reliable vehicles :

In general, vehicles that are well maintained will last the longest. Taking your vehicle in for regular vehicle maintenance and oil changes and driving efficiently can extend longevity. In terms of brand, Toyota vehicles are known for providing drivers with a lot of value.

Lexus and Mazada are regarded as the most reliable brands. Their range of vehicles is always on the top of the list of most dependable vehicles for a variety of vehicle categories.

Volkswagen is not only an iconic German car brand, but they are also known to be one of the most reliable. They have a wide range of electric vehicles, sports cars and luxury lines. Runners up include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Audi.

As of 2021, Lexus is the most reliable luxury car and is ranked one of the highest brands overall. It’s also the most dependable vehicle brand overall compared to other brands and models.

Toyota vehicles are considered one of the most reliable brands because they don’t use unverified features like other manufacturers. They take the time to test and design new features. They are built to last, have fewer issues, and provide drivers with great overall value. Toyota car insurance is also one of the most reasonable rates too.

Final thoughts on Canada’s most reliable cars

Not every vehicle is going to be hassle-free – there will be breakdowns and accidents. That’s why it’s important to consider what type of Ontario car insurance you need for your specific location and driving habits. Reliability is an important consideration when shopping for a vehicle.