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Determining how much home insurance you need can be a challenge. You’ve invested a lot into your home or condo, and we know that you want to make sure you have enough home insurance coverage to protect your investment. We also know that you want to get the best home insurance prices and lowest possible rates.

A home insurance calculator can help you achieve both of these objectives – get high quality coverage and cheap home insurance rates.

Home Insurance Calculators Help You Save Money

Home Insurance Calculator

Comparing home insurance rates and coverage before renewing your current policy is your best chance to get the home insurance you need to protect your property and personal belongings. Using a home insurance calculator will also put you in the best position to save money on home insurance.

Regardless of where you live in Ontario or which type of home insurance you need (house insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance), our insurance experts know that getting the cheapest rates is a top priority.

Using a home insurance calculator is a great way to not only assess your insurance needs, but also to identify ways for you to save, adjust coverage, and ensure your insurance policy meets your needs.

Why Home Insurance Calculators Are Important

At ThinkInsure, we know that you don’t want to spend more time than you need when shopping for home insurance quotes. This is why home insurance calculators are a valuable tool to use when comparing your home insurance options. Home insurance calculators are important because they :

  • Save you time
  • Provide you with an understanding of the options available to you
  • Help you compare coverage options
  • Help you compare prices for multiple insurance companies in Ontario

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How Much Does Home Insurance Cost? Calculate Your Costs!

What is the average cost of Ontario home insurance? A home insurance calculator helps you estimate the amount of coverage you may want to consider for your insurance policy before getting a quote. The amount of coverage you need, in addition to other factors, will play a role in how much you can expect to pay for Ontario home insurance.

Factors that will play a role in calculating your insurance rates include :

  • The value of your home
  • Coverage limits
  • Personal liability limits
  • The cost to rebuild your home
  • How much your personal belongings are worth

It's quick and easy to calculate rates and find out how much your home insurance premium will be.

How Much Home Insurance Do I Need? Calculate Coverage Requirements

Calculating how much home insurance you need is more important than most homeowners realize. Not having enough coverage can be detrimental, however, having too much coverage can also cost you money that you could be using in other areas of your life. Since everyone’s situation is unique, a home insurance calculator can help you determine how much coverage you need.

Learn more about your house insurance needs or get a home insurance quote.

Advantages Of Using A Home Insurance Calculator

Using a home insurance calculator each time your policy comes up for renewal is the key to getting the cheapest home insurance rates. Failure to assess your home insurance options when renewal time rolls around could cost you money.

The main advantages of using a home insurance calculator to assess your house insurance options in Ontario include :

  • You can use it for all types of home insurance (condo, house, cottage, renters)
  • You could lower your home insurance rates
  • You provide your information, and our home insurance experts will handle the rest
  • It provides you with a good assessment of your total house insurance costs and coverage requirements
  • It is easy to use
  • It’s FREE!

Using our home insurance calculator to get a quote each time your policy is up for renewal is the key to getting the cheapest home insurance rates year after year. Let us help you save!

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Home Insurance Calculators

If you are going to use our home insurance calculator, we thought it’s only fair to provide you with some tips to get the most out of its use. Getting yourself organized before sitting down to use a home insurance calculator is important. You can get the most out of home insurance calculators by :

  • Reviewing your current policy : Before you start comparing your home insurance options, it’s important to review your current policy. Are you happy with your current level of coverage? Do you want to add or remove certain policy elements?
  • Noting information that needs to be updated : A lot can change in a year. Was there anything that needs to be updated? Did you move? Complete a renovation?
  • Having an idea of your coverage limit requirements : Knowing the level of coverage limits you need is important. Know how much coverage you need for replacement value, liability, and personal contents.
  • Shopping for a policy based on value : While getting cheap home insurance rates are important, it’s a better approach to shop for insurance based on value. When using a home insurance calculator, compare coverage options based on price, coverage, and the best value you will receive for your home insurance premium.

Using our home insurance coverage calculator will help you consider all the variables when renewing or shopping for a new house insurance policy.