What You Need To Know About Contents Insurance

Some question the need for contents insurance. But many do not realize how much stuff they actually have. Whether you rent or own you have a lot of personal possessions that need protection. Your clothing, furniture, décor, electronic – it all adds up. A contents insurance policy ensures you have protection if your things are stolen, damaged, or vandalized.

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What Is Contents Insurance?

Contents insurance provides you with protection for your personal belongings. It safeguards the things you have in your house and the stuff you bring with you when you travel. It is included in comprehensive coverage and it is a significant part of a renters insurance. Plans cover the most common things people have in their residence, so some things may not be included.

How Does Contents Insurance Work?

Contents insurance works like other plans. It covers the financial cost of replacing personal items that belong to you and your family.

Most home insurance policies include protection for your personal belongings. It protects your stuff from damage or loss from fire, vandalism, theft, water damage, and more. It is also included in broad or named perils policies, but you may have lower limits. It provides compensation for damaged or loss because of named perils.

All policies have a maximum limit. They also include sub limits for specific types of items such as cash, antiques, and jewellery. If you have high value items, you can purchase a policy endorsement for added protection.