Find lower Red Deer auto insurance rates

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How car insurance works in Red Deer

Car insurance in Red Deer is required by law. All drivers must abide by the Alberta car insurance rules and regulations. The grid rating system is used to set premiums and the industry is overseen by the Auto insurance Rate Board (AIRB).

It’s important to know that if you are in an accident, the province uses a hybrid no-fault and tort system. You submit claims to your insurance company regardless of fault. Depending on the situation, you also have the right to sue other drivers for damages.

Your policy is a combination of mandatory and optional insurance.

Mandatory coverage is $200,000 in Personal Liability and Property Damage (PLPD) and accident benefits.

Optional coverage can include many forms of protection. The most common are additional PLPD, accident benefits, collision, comprehensive, and specified perils. Standard Endorsement Forms (SEF) also allow you to customize your plan. Options vary based on your insurance company.