Get better Peterborough car insurance rates

Car insurance rates are not the only thing that is electric about Peterborough. It’s known as “The Electricity City” because it was the first in Canada to have electric streetlights.

As a smaller city located outside of the GTA, residents rely on their vehicles to get around town. The people of Peterborough also enjoy the advantage of having lower car insurance premiums.

Even though costs tend to be much cheaper than in other cities, due to there being less traffic, fewer cars on the road, and reduced threats of accidents and claims, residents still need to get an estimate and explore policy options.

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How does Peterborough car insurance work?

Auto insurance in Peterborough falls under provincial authority. All cities in the province follow the same set of rules:

  • Insurance is mandatory
  • All drivers must carry $200,000 in third-party liability
  • A no fault system is in effect
  • Coverage is available through private insurance companies
  • The industry is regulated by the FSRAO – they oversee rates

Peterborough drivers need to make the distinction between the two types of car insurance in their policy:

Mandatory coverage

This is legally required and included in all plans:

Optional coverage

This is coverage you have the option to add to your plan. It allows you to personalize your policy.

You can increase your plan limits and include endorsements to personalize your policy. Your customization options will vary by insurance company.

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