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Car Insurance Vehicle Types

Find Better Savings For Your Vehicle

What type of vehicle do you drive? The vehicle you drive has a big impact on insurance premiums. Vehicle cost, use, features, if they are theft targets are all considered by insurers. We can help you save on your next auto insurance quote no matter what you drive.

Insurance Blog And News

Read our insurance blog get helpful tips, information and news.

car being stolen

Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles Across Canada

Is your car on the most stolen cars in Canada list? You may be surprised which cars are the most stolen in Canada. Find out if your vehicle is one of the top vehicles targeted by thieves.

person holding catalytic converter

Catalytic Converter Theft In Canada

Thieves are removing the catalytic converter from cars to make money. Catalytic converter theft is on the rise across Canada – here’s what you can do to prevent theft and if insurance can help with repairs or replacement.

woman sitting in traffic jam

Does Your Commute Drive You Crazy? Commuting In Canada: Stats, Facts, Tips

Commuting to work is something that millions of people do each day. For some, it’s a short drive, walk, or ride on public transportation, but for many of us, especially in large urban areas like Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and across the GTA, commuting takes up a lot of our time.

Man Fueling Up Grey Car

What Are The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars In Canada?

In the market for a new vehicle? Find the most fuel-efficient cars in Canada and how to know if your car has low gas mileage.

More ways to save on car insurance