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Car Insurance Vehicle Types

Find Better Savings For Your Vehicle

What type of vehicle do you drive? The vehicle you drive has a big impact on insurance premiums. Vehicle cost, use, features, if they are theft targets are all considered by insurers. We can help you save on your next auto insurance quote no matter what you drive.

Insurance Blog And News

Read our insurance blog get helpful tips, information and news.

Couple Buying A Used Car Trade-In

Car Trade In Value Canada

Curious about when you should trade in your vehicle for the best value? Here’s how you can find the trade in amount for your vehicle in Canada.

Vehicle with cracked windowshield

Windshield Insurance - Are You Covered For A Cracked Windshield?

Do you have windshield insurance? Are you covered for a cracked windshield? Learn about the pros and cons of claiming a windshield repair or replacement.

Orange vintage car with rust

Is Rustproofing Your Car Worth It In Canada?

Is rust protection worth the added expense in Canada? Learn the pros and cons of car rust protection.

lack couple driving jeep

Find Out The Most Reliable Car Models And Brands

What are the most reliable cars to drive? Learn what makes a car reliable and check out our lists of the most reliable new and used cars.

More ways to save on car insurance