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We Can Help You Get High Risk Insurance For Your Business

Risk and business go hand in hand, however, some businesses are considered to be a higher risk by insurance companies and require high risk commercial insurance coverage. At ThinkInsure, we know that no two businesses are the same, and this is why we treat your business insurance as such.

Whether you run a business that is considered to be high risk, require high risk insurance coverage, or have unique commercial insurance needs, we will help you compare quotes for high risk commercial insurance and help you find coverage that protects your investment in your business.

High Risk Commercial Insurance

Why Choose ThinkInsure For High Risk Commercial Insurance?

Whether you require high risk commercial vehicle insurance, high risk commercial property insurance, or a non-standard insurance policy for your business, our experts will find you insurance that matches your needs. Choose ThinkInsure because :

  • We Have Over 45 Years Experience In Commercial Insurance : Our team of high risk business insurance brokers have seen it all before. For us, high risk doesn’t mean hard to insure. It’s about helping you find the right policy – something we have plenty of experience doing for businesses in Ontario.
  • You’ve Got Coverage Options : With ThinkInsure, even if you require high risk commercial insurance, you have options. We can help you find an affordable policy that meets your commercial auto and property insurance needs.
  • Flexible Payment Options : We offer businesses flexible payment options that work for you and your business. Talk with us about your options.
  • Flexible Insurance Solutions Based On Your Business Needs : Forget pre-packaged insurance solutions. Our experts will help you find flexible high risk business insurance that is based on your insurance requirements.

I started a new small business and I was having a hard time finding affordable insurance. The insurance companies said that I since I didn't have any insurance history my business was considered a high risk and coverage would be expensive. I called ThinkInsure and Ian and he helped me get much more affordable coverage than the other quotes I got.
Anthony, High Risk Business Owner, Toronto Ontario

What Is High Risk Commercial Insurance?

High Risk Business Insurance

High risk business insurance is a form of coverage that is designed for companies that are perceived to have greater risk associated with their business. Historically there are some businesses and industries that have a track record for having more claims, having lawsuits filed against them, require liability coverage that exceeds what is required from standard insurance policies, or are less likely to succeed in business.

Companies considered to be high risk by insurers require extra support from brokers because of their unique insurance requirements. Every instance of high risk business insurance is different, and the type of policy or coverage you need can depend on many factors such as the reason why you’ve been labelled high risk, where you are located, and the type of business you operate.

What Are The Types Of High Risk Commercial Insurance

High risk commercial insurance is generally divided into three categories – high risk commercial auto, high risk commercial property and high risk businesses.

High Risk Commercial Auto Insurance

Similar to high risk auto insurance for individuals, there are businesses that are also deemed to be high risk and need non-standard coverage.

Why might you need high risk commercial insurance?

  • You’ve got a number of tickets, accidents, or claims.
  • You are a new business that requires a vehicle but have no prior insurance history.
  • You drive for your business.
  • You operate a high risk vehicle.

Whether you need coverage for a business vehicle or light duty truck our brokers will help you get a cheap high risk commercial auto insurance quote.

High Risk Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you have business activities that are considered to be riskier or are not met by a standard business insurance policy, have an older building, or run a business in an area that is considered high risk, you may be required to get high risk business property insurance. You may need this form of insurance because :

  • You own vacant property.
  • You rent out business spaces, have rentals or student housing.
  • You have high risk tenants.
  • You are located in a remote or high risk area.

If you need high risk property insurance in Toronto, GTA or anywhere else in Ontario, your best option is to get a quote and compare your options.

Higher Risk Businesses - How Do I Know If My Business Is A High Risk?

High Risk Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Certain types of businesses inherently are riskier than others. Risks are commonly determined by the nature of the products and services you offer, where you are located, and the financial risk associated with operating your company.

Your business may require high risk commercial insurance if :

  • You operate a high liability business : Common businesses include doctors, accountants, psychologists, skilled trades and construction.
  • You reside in a high risk location : Your business is located in an area with a high crime rate, expensive real estate area, or regions that are more prone to extreme weather events.
  • Your business is a high financial risk : You run a business in an unstable industry, you are more likely to get sued, or you are more likely to file a claim.

Why Was My Commercial Insurance Policy Cancelled?

It happens to businesses all the time. They have their commercial insurance cancelled. This commonly happens for a number of reasons :

  • You’ve had too many claims.
  • You have payment issues.
  • You’ve moved your business to an area that is deemed higher risk.
  • You’ve expanded your business and added a higher level of risk to your business.

Even though you may have had your policy cancelled or not renewed and getting coverage is a challenge, it’s important to know that you still have business insurance options, and our brokers can help you find coverage that works for your business.

Talk With A High Risk Commercial Insurance Expert If You Need High Risk Business Insurance

Getting advice from a high risk commercial insurance expert in Ontario is your best move if you require high risk business insurance. Even though there are similarities between standard and non-standard business insurance, there are also a lot of nuisances. We can help you get risk insurance quotes, help you compare rates and ensure you have affordable coverage that addresses all your business needs.

Flexible Solutions For Coverage And Payments – Based On Your Needs

High Risk Commercial Insurance Companies

At ThinkInsure, our brokers are on your side. We work with you to not only help you get the cheapest high risk commercial insurance rates, but to also help you find flexible solutions that make sense for your business. Your unique business requires unique insurance solutions. This is exactly what we can help you with, and much more!

We Work With The Leading High Risk Commercial Insurance Companies

The key to finding high risk insurance coverage that meets your business needs is to have options. Our years of expertise has allowed us to build great partnerships with leading insurance companies in the high risk insurance space – a reason why we can help you find the best coverage and the cheapest rates.

If you are having issues getting commercial insurance or renewing your current policy, ThinkInsure is here to help.