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High Risk Car Insurance QuotesDo you need high risk auto insurance? Have you just gone through the unfortunate experience of having your regular car insurance policy cancelled?

Sometimes, bad luck with tickets, at-fault accidents, traffic convictions and payment issues can impact on your insurance record resulting in your insurance company labeling you as a ‘high risk driver’. You need a high risk insurance broker on your side.

We Are Experts In High Risk Auto Insurance Coverage

High Risk Auto Insurance Ontario

At ThinkInsure, we understand how difficult it can be to find affordable auto insurance when you’ve been labelled a high risk driver. Rather than turn you away, we’re here to help you in your time of need.

Working with all the best high risk insurance companies in Ontario, we can help you compare car insurance rates and can get a quote for high risk auto insurance.

  • Compare Quotes From ALL Ontario High Risk Auto Insurance Companies : We offer the best high risk insurance coverage options, cheapest quotes and coverage options.
  • We'll Help Get You Affordable Coverage : We specialize in insurance coverage for high risk drivers. We are partners with all the top high risk insurance companies in Ontario, ensuring that you will be able to find an insurance policy that will help you get back on the road.
  • Improve Your Driving And Insurance History : Our insurance brokers are experts in high risk auto insurance and can help advise you on ways to get back into more affordable, regular car insurance, beginning with non-standard insurance.
  • Shop & Compare On Renewal : At policy renewal time, our high risk auto insurance experts will shop & compare with the insurance companies we partner with to try and get you a better rate for non-standard auto insurance coverage. We can get you the best rates because we partner with all high risk insurance companies in Ontario.
  • Expert Advice & Service : Our team of high risk car insurance brokers are highly trained insurance experts who can help advise you on all your insurance needs and will provide top level personal service when you need it.
  • Our Customers Come First : We don’t turn you away when you need us the most. Whether you need high risk auto insurance in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton or anywhere else in Ontario, we’re here to help you get high risk insurance quotes, answer your questions, assist with claims, and more!

Call us toll-free at 1-855-550-5515 and one of our experts will be happy to help you. You can also compare high risk auto insurance quotes online.

My prior insurance company cancelled my policy upon renewal because I got into a couple of accidents and had a payment issue. I couldn't get reasonable coverage anywhere. Then I called ThinkInsure and spoke with Todd. He was very understanding helped me get coverage with one of the high risk insurance partners they have. Now I'm back driving again!
Alex, High Risk Driver, Toronto Ontario

What Is High Risk Auto Insurance In Ontario?

High Risk Auto Insurance

High risk auto insurance is a specific type of coverage designed for high risk drivers. Drivers are considered high risk because they have a poor driving record, too many tickets, or too many at-fault accidents. High risk car insurance has significantly higher insurance premiums.

High risk insurance companies have different criteria for what makes a driver eligible for regular or non-standard auto insurance coverage. Some of the factors are related to driving history while others are non-driving related. They consider drivers high risk when they are identified as having a greater likelihood than other drivers of being in an at-fault accident.

Simply put – if you need high risk insurance, insurers see you as a riskier driver and are either not willing to take on the risk or will insure you at a high car insurance rate.

We Are A High Risk Insurance Broker That Helps High Risk Drivers Get Insured

Every Ontario driver needs auto insurance but sometimes getting coverage may be difficult or very expensive if companies consider you a high risk driver. This is how high risk insurance in Ontario works.

Many ‘standard’ market companies have criteria for the types of drivers they will insure. If you fall outside of the standard driver criteria, they may consider you a high risk driver and you will need to find a company that specializes in high risk insurance.

Being classified or labelled as a high risk driver can be very stressful and expensive when you need to get coverage. There is hope, though. There are companies and brokers who specialize in high risk car insurance and can help you get immediate coverage and get back into standard, more affordable insurance in the future. ThinkInsure is one of them.

We can help you get cheap high risk auto insurance, allowing you to get back behind the wheel.

Driving Factors That Can Classify You A High Risk Driver

Car insurance for high risk drivers is expensive. This is a reason why you should avoid dangerous driving habits. Here are common factors that can quickly get you classified as a high risk driver :

High Risk Auto Insurance Broker

Speeding Tickets And Traffic Violations

How many speeding tickets or other driving convictions (not including parking tickets) did you have in the last 3 years? If you have accumulated more than a few, insurers may view you as a higher risk driver. Speeding tickets can affect insurance coverage and are one of the most common reasons for drivers to need high risk auto insurance coverage.

Whether you have minor or major traffic infractions or have even been criminally convicted, our brokers can work with you to get a quote for high risk auto insurance and explore your options.

Learn more about the impact of tickets on car insurance.

Impaired Driving

High Risk Car Insurance

Impaired driving is a serious offence, and it goes without saying that you should never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking or are under the influence of drugs.

Do you have an impaired driving conviction (driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs)? If so, many insurers may not be willing to provide you with insurance coverage, and you will need DUI insurance.

The truth is that it can be a challenge to get car insurance once you’ve been convicted of a DUI. Keep in mind that a conviction stays on your record for 3 years, meaning that you’ll need high risk auto insurance during this time.

While many insurance companies won’t offer you coverage, our high risk brokers wil work with you to get a high risk auto insurance quote and help you on your path to becoming a safe, responsible and insured driver, once again.

At-Fault Accidents

Do you have any previous at-fault accidents? You could be considered high risk. You could even have your insurance cancelled or your insurer could choose not to renew your policy. If you are in this situation, our brokers are here to help.

We understand that accidents happen – and sometimes they happen more frequently than you would like. If you’ve had multiple claims because of at-fault accidents, contact us today to get a high risk car insurance quote.

Careless Driving Or Stunt Driving

Best Auto Insurance For High Risk Drivers

Have issues because of a careless driving or stunt driving ticket? ThinkInsure can help you get high risk insurance quotes. Even though getting affordable insurance can be a challenge, we’ll explore your options and help you get the cheapest car insurance rates possible, considering your driving record.

Remember, a conviction for careless driving stays on your record for 3 years – meaning you’ll likely need high risk car insurance during this time.

You Drive A High Risk Vehicle

The vehicle you drive could move you into the high risk insurance category. Owning an exotic car, expensive sports car, or even a vehicle that is on the most stolen list could require you to have high risk auto insurance coverage. Talk with our high risk insurance brokers about coverage options for your vehicle.

Non-Driving Factors That Can Make You A High Risk Driver

It’s not just your driving habits that can get you in trouble and in need of auto insurance for high risk drivers. Here are some other often overlooked factors that can hurt your credibility as a driver :

Insurance Payment & Cancellation History

We understand that people fall on financial hardships – and most often it is out of our hands and without notice. These situations could make it difficult for you to pay your bills, including your insurance premium, on time.

Best Auto Insurance Companies For High Risk Drivers

Do you have credit history faults such as previous non-payment of premiums or was your car insurance cancelled for non payment? Standard companies don’t favor people who miss their payments or cancel policies frequently.

Whether you’ve had a few late payments, missed payments or have your insurance company choose to not renew your policy because of payment issues, our experts will help you explore your insurance options, even if you require high risk auto insurance coverage.

You’ve Had A Lapse In Coverage

Insurance companies like drivers who have long histories of claim free driving. Having a lapse in coverage will cause most insurers to take a second look and potentially consider you high risk. Whether you’ve had a lapse in coverage because you didn’t have a vehicle for a period of time, you lost your license or were convicted of a driving offense, we can help you explore your high risk auto insurance options.

You’ve Never Had Insurance Before

Is this your first auto insurance policy? Companies may consider you a higher risk because you don’t have any prior insurance history. While this may not seem fair, if you are a new driver or you’ve never been insured before, you are deemed to be a higher risk by insurance companies. New drivers and teen drivers tend to have less experience, which makes them more prone to mistakes and claims.

Types of High Risk Auto Insurance Coverage

  • High risk car insurance : Insurance coverage for drivers labelled as high risk.
  • High risk commercial auto insurance : Insurance for home business and small business owners.
  • High risk commercial truck insurance : Insurance for skilled trades, contractors, and commercial trucking companies.
  • High risk motorcycle Insurance : Coverage for motorcycle riders with insurance or driving issues.

We Can Get You Coverage From ALL The Best High Risk Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

Insurance coverage for high risk drivers is one of our areas of specialization. Working with ALL of the top high risk insurance companies in Ontario, we can help you get insurance coverage despite your previous auto insurance coverage issues.

We work with all of the high risk car insurance companies in Ontario. Here’s a list of high risk auto insurance companies :

When it comes to non-standard car insurance, we are your best option to get the cheapest rates and the best quotes.

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What Is The Average Cost Of High Risk Auto Insurance?

What is the average cost of high risk insurance?

The average cost of high risk auto insurance in Ontario depends on a number of factors. First, it will depend on standard factors used to determine rates such as your age, gender, vehicle, location, and your insurance rates before you were considered a high risk driver.

Second, the average cost of high risk auto insurance rates will depend on the reason why you are considered high risk – too many accident claims, traffic tickets, high risk vehicle, a lapse in coverage, payment issues.

The average cost of high risk insurance will be greater than the average cost of car insurance in Ontario. In many cases, you can expect your rates to double or even triple. Get a quote for high risk auto insurance to determine insurance costs for your specific situation.

High Risk Insurance In Ontario : Regions Where It’s Common

While you could be living anywhere in Ontario and be labelled a high risk driver, this type of insurance is more common in large cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga and other areas in the great Toronto area. These are also some of the regions with the highest insurance rates in the province.

Why are these areas, especially the Greater Toronto Area, more prone to high risk car insurance coverage needs?

  • There is more traffic and more cars on the road.
  • There are more accidents.
  • Highway driving is more common.
  • Vehicle theft, damage, and vandalism is more likely in these areas.
  • Poor winter driving conditions.

High Risk Insurance In Toronto

There is a strong need for high risk auto insurance in Toronto for many reasons. The city has some of the highest insurance rates in Canada, there is significant traffic, highway driving is common, and insurance fraud is a concern. Toronto and the GTA have one of the highest accident frequency rates in Ontario. All of these factors can increase the risk factor for drivers.

Our brokers can help you get Toronto high risk insurance quotes.

High Risk Auto Insurance in Hamilton

Located in the Golden Horseshoe, Hamilton is a highly populated area with a number of major highways running through the city – Highway 403, QEW, Lincoln Memorial Parkway. The city has a relatively high frequency of traffic accidents.

If you need high risk auto insurance in Hamilton, contact our brokers to get an insurance quote.

High Risk Auto Insurance in Mississauga

Mississauga is known as a high traffic volume city. With Pearson International Airport, Highway 401, 407, 427, and many other major road ways running through the city, there is increased risk for accidents and other driving behaviours.

If you’ve been labelled high risk, our brokers can help you get Mississauga high risk auto insurance quotes.

High Risk Insurance in Ottawa

As the Nation’s Capital city, and Canada’s second most populated city, there are lots of cars on Ottawa roadways. Difficult winter driving conditions, traffic congestion, and insurance claims are higher than in other smaller Ontario cities. This increases the risk profile of the region.

Our brokers can help you save money by getting Ottawa high risk insurance quotes.

How To Get High Risk Car Insurance Coverage

High Risk Car Insurance Ontario

If you discover that you’ve been designated a ‘high risk’ driver, one of your best strategies is to connect with an Ontario insurance broker. Some brokers have access to companies that specialize in the high risk auto insurance market.

A good high risk insurance broker will work with you to get quotes from the high risk companies they work with. This will help you get the best price and coverage, given your current situation.

How Can I Lower My High Risk Auto Insurance Rates?

Getting high risk auto insurance is particularly frustrating and expensive. There are some things you can do to help to lower your insurance costs :

  • Call A High Risk Insurance Broker : Speak with a broker and ask about things you can do to get back into ‘standard’ insurance. They are experts and work with many different types of companies so they can help you get back into more affordable standard insurance.
  • Drive An Insurance Friendly Vehicle : Drive a car that is less expensive to insure. See this list of the cheapest cars to insure.
  • Compare High Risk Auto Insurance Quotes : Compare high risk insurance quotes from the High Risk Insurance companies your broker works with to get you the most affordable rates.

How Much Does High Risk Car Insurance Cost In Ontario?

High Risk Insurance

High risk car insurance can be very expensive. In some cases, high risk insurance premiums can be double or triple the average car insurance rates in Ontario. How much high risk car insurance costs will depend on your specific situation – particularly, your reason for being considered a high risk driver.

Other, more traditional factors will also be considered – like the car you drive, where you live, driving experience, etc.

This is a question that we get frequently from drivers who may be faced with getting high risk auto insurance coverage. It’s not something that you tend to think about until you have car insurance issues. Getting affordable insurance for high risk drivers is similar to getting standard auto insurance coverage.

This is why it’s extremely important to compare high risk car insurance quotes and work with a broker that can provide you with the most options, like us! This is the key to getting affordable high risk car insurance rates.

How To Speed Up The Transition Out Of High Risk Auto Insurance?

High risk car insurance is much more expensive than regular car insurance. So it is important to focus some good driving and insurance habits so you can move back into much more affordable regular insurance. Here some ways to speed up the process :

  • Focus On Good Driving Habits : This includes keeping within the speed limit, driving defensively, and obeying traffic rules. If you’re ticket-free, your insurance premiums costs will be reduced. Getting another ticket while still labelled as a high risk driver could seriously hurt your ability to get insurance in the future.
  • Stay Claims Free : Always be careful and pay attention when you drive. Try to stay accident free and not to make any insurance claims.
  • Put That Mobile Device Away : Distracted driving is now the leading cause of accidents ahead of drunk driving. Pay attention to the road and your surroundings when behind the wheel.
  • Don't Drink Or Do Drugs While Driving : A conviction can double your insurance rates, and it could cause you to have your insurance policy cancelled.
  • Be Consistent With Your Insurance : Make your payments on time and keep your insurance policy up-to-date.

Call us toll-free 1-855-550-5515 and and a ThinkInsure broker can help answer any questions you have about high risk car insurance or give you a quote.

Stats On High Risk Insurance And Driving Behaviors

High Risk Insurance Brokers

Drivers classified as ‘high risk’ are drivers who are more likely to be in an at-fault accident. Here are some sobering stats about high risk driving behaviors and their consequences :

  • High Risk Premiums Can Double : Your insurance can more than double if you are classified as a high risk driver.
  • Cell Phones And Distracted Driving Leads To 4 Times More Accidents : Drivers using their cell phone are four times more likely to be in a collision (source MTO website).
  • Keep Your Eyes On The Road : You double your crash risk when you take your eyes off the road for more than two seconds (source MTO website).
  • Drunk And Driving Kills : 18.7% of drinking related accidents resulted in fatalities in 2012 with 476 deaths.
  • Strong Fines For Convicted Impaired Driving Offenses : A first time conviction will cost you $1000 minimum and your drivers license can be suspended for up to a year. When you get your license back you will need to use an ingition interlock for 1 year. Learn more about insurance for DUI.

How Do I Get The Cheapest High Risk Insurance In Ontario?

Auto insurance for high risk drivers is expensive. High risk insurance brokers can help you significantly. They work with insurance companies that offer high risk insurance coverage and can help you get the cheapest coverage based on your unique driving situation.

If you are a high risk driver we can help you compare the best high risk auto insurance quotes.

High Risk Auto Insurance FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about high risk auto insurance in Ontario :

The cost of high risk insurance varies on many factors. It depends on your driving and insurance history, the reason you are considered high risk, and how long you’ve had high risk insurance. Getting a quote and comparing rates with your broker is the best way to determine high risk insurance costs.

Getting a quote each time your policy is up for renewal gives you the best opportunity to save. It’s also important to get quotes when a ticket or infraction is removed from your driving record.

Coachman, Echelon, Jevco, Pafco, and Perth are companies that offer high risk auto insurance coverage in Ontario.

It depends. Some insurance companies require high risk drivers to pay a portion of their insurance premiums as a down payment. The down payment could be up to 25% of your total premium or more. Others offer discounts for paying your policy in full upfront.

It is difficult to state an average cost for high risk auto insurance. It depends on your insurer, why you are a high risk driver and many other factors. Expect your average cost for high risk insurance to be double the cost of a standard car insurance policy.

Finding cheap high risk auto insurance can be a challenge. Many insurers do not offer high risk policies to drivers. Working with an insurance broker specializing in high risk car insurance is your best option to find cheap rates.

Need A High Risk Insurance Broker? Get A Quote For High Risk Auto Insurance!

Few insurance providers can say they offer insurance quotes from all high risk insurance providers in Ontario. At ThinkInsure, we can!

Let our high risk insurance brokers help you get the cheapest high risk insurance quotes if you’ve been labelled a high risk driver. We’ll work with you to compare quotes from all high risk insurance companies in Ontario.

We can help you with high risk car insurance. Compare online quotes or call 1-855-550-5515 and a high risk car insurance expert will be happy to help you.

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