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High Risk Homeo Insurance

At ThinkInsure, we are experts in high risk home insurance. They understand how important it to get home insurance that protects your house and property, even after you’ve been labelled high risk homeowner by insurance companies.

Our team is here to help you in your time of need. We do this by working with the best high risk home insurance companies in Ontario. Here’s why you should choose us for your home insurance needs :

  • Compare Quotes From The Best High Risk Home Insurance Companies In Ontario : We offer the best high risk homeowners insurance options so you can get the coverage you need for your house or property.
  • We'll Help Get You Affordable Coverage : We are partners with all the top high risk insurance companies in Ontario, ensuring that you will be able to find an insurance policy that will help you get back on the road.
  • Shop & Compare On Renewal : Whether you’ve just been labelled high risk homeowner or it’s time to renew your home insurance policy, we’ll help you shop and compare high risk property insurance options.
  • Our Customers Come First : We’re here to help our customers get high risk home insurance coverage and help them with all their insurance needs.

Call us toll-free at 1-855-550-5515 and one of our experts will be happy to help you. You can also compare high risk home insurance quotes online.

I just bought an older home that needs some work. I was having trouble getting it insured because it has older wiring. Sharon from ThinkInsure helped me get affordable coverage so now I am protected until I can afford to get my wiring updated.
Victor, High Risk Homeowner, Ontario

What Is High Risk Home Insurance In Ontario?

Ontario High Risk House Insurance

Similar to high risk auto insurance in Ontario, high risk home insurance provides coverage for homeowners who have had insurance issues in the past. Being labelled high risk by an Ontario insurance company doesn’t mean you can’t get home insurance coverage, it just means you will need to get coverage from an insurer that specializes in high risk house insurance.

But, don’t worry, we can help you explore your options for high risk home insurance.

Also commonly referred to as non-standard property insurance, it includes coverage for homes, condos, seasonal dwellings, rental properties and tenant insurance. The level of coverage offered will depend on your specific home insurance situation.

While standard insurance companies may not renew your policy or turn you away, we are committed to helping you get home insurance coverage, even if you’re considered high risk.

If your property is categorized as High Risk, call ThinkInsure today. Our professionals are dedicated to getting you home insurance at the best rates - 1-855-550-5515.

Reasons You May Need High Risk Home Insurance

High Risk Home Insurance

There are many reasons you could be labelled high risk by insurance companies, and not all of them have to do with missed payments, gaps in insurance, claims, and other related issues. Did you know that one of the top reasons for needing high risk home insurance is because you own an older home? While they are beautiful and have old style charm, they also can be a risky investment, especially if you plan to renovate.

Here are some other common reasons why you may need high risk property insurance in Ontario :

  • Claims : You’ve had multiple insurance claims recently on your home or property.
  • Rural Property : You own a rural property. They are more prone to natural disasters.
  • Multiple Mortgages : You have multiple mortgages.
  • Older House : You own an older house with knob and tube wiring, galvanized steel plumbing, or other dated building materials.
  • Rental Property : You own a rental cottage or rental property.
  • Vacant Property : You own a vacant dwelling.
  • Cancellations : You’ve had your home insurance cancelled in the past.
  • Missed Payments : You’ve had payment issues.
  • No Insurance History : You have no prior home insurance history or you have gaps in home insurance coverage.

If you have issues with any of these high risk factors, call us toll-free at 1-855-550-5515 to get a high risk insurance quote. You can also compare quotes online and see the cheapest high risk home insurance rates.

Coverage From The Top Ontario High Risk Homeowners Insurance Companies

We work with some of the best high risk insurance companies in Ontario, including :

  • Coachman High Risk Home Insurance Company
  • Echelon High Risk Home Insurance Company
  • Perth High Risk Home Insurance Company

When it comes to non-standard home insurance in Ontario, we are your best option to help you get the cheapest rates and the best quotes possible.

Our high risk home insurance experts can help you get insured! Call us toll-free at 1-855-550-5515 to get a high risk home insurance quote.

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Coachman High Risk Home Insurance
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High Risk Home Insurance Ontario

Do you need high risk home insurance in Ontario? Have you been labelled high risk and are having trouble getting home insurance coverage? We can help. We’re here to help when you need us the most!

Working with some of the best high risk property insurance companies, we can help you compare home insurance options and get the cheapest rates, given your situation.

Whether you own an older home, own a rental property or cottage, or have had too many claims or payment issues in the past, we can help you get the high risk home insurance coverage you need to protect your property.

We can help you with high risk home insurance. Compare online quotes or call 1-855-550-5515 and a high risk home insurance expert will be happy to help you.

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