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Jul 12, 2016

Uber Drivers In Ontario Automatically Insured

Uber drivers in Ontario are now insured automatically. Ontario is the second province in Canada, joining Alberta in approaching car insurance coverage that comes into effect when the Uber app is turned on by the driver to when the passenger exits the vehicle, completing the transaction.

Ontario’s insurance regulator announced on July 7th that it approved a policy from Intact for ridesharing insurance for all Uber drivers.

Intact Uber Ride Sharing Insurance

The new policy covers :

  • All Uber drivers
  • Passenger in Uber vehicles
  • Vehicle owners when Uber is in use

The coverage from Intact includes statutory accident benefits, uninsured motorist coverage, and third party liability coverage – up to $1 million in coverage when the app is in use, without a passenger, and $2 million when a ride has been accepted and a passenger is in the vehicle.

When the app is off and Uber is not in use, the vehicle owner’s personal car insurance policy is in effect.

"This new ridesharing insurance approved by (the Financial Services Commission of Ontario) should serve as a practical solution designed for ridesharing," Uber Canada's general manager, Ian Black, said in a statement.

"Both (Intact) and Uber remain engaged with regulators across Canada to bring new ridesharing insurance policies that offer a smart, seamless and simple solution for driver-partners."

What is being coined “blanket fleet coverage” addresses an insurance gap within the industry and ensures all Uber drivers and passengers are properly covered.

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Intact Uber Ridesharing Insurance Coverage
Uber Drivers In Ontario Now Insured Automatically

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